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Marketing Contracts

The Business Side of Marketing Contract Law

Marketing and advertising is a business, just like any other business. It involves contracts and agreements, partnerships and affiliations, licenses, list rentals, and sales.

At Olshan, we know the ins and outs of the advertising industry. The insights our attorneys have gained from decades of experience in advertising and marketing law, from negotiating contracts and taking cases to court for breach of contract, allows us to guide our clients’ actions to help avoid costly missteps that could end in litigation.

Olshan handles the full range of marketing-related business contracts such as:
  • Partnership and affiliate agreements,
  • Acquisitions of a business, a product line, or a marketing program,
  • Licensing agreements and sublicensing agreements,
  • List brokering agreements, mailing list rental agreements, email list rental agreements, telemarketing list rental agreements, list management agreements,
  • Lead generation agreements,
  • Advertising agreements, promotions agency agreements, vendor and supplier agreements, freelance agreements,
  • Contest management agreements,
  • Joint promotions agreements,
  • Sponsorship agreements,
  • Sweepstakes fulfillment agreements and contest fulfillment agreements,
  • Licensing agreements for broadcast rights, cable, and major broadcast network agreements,
  • Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, and
  • Agreements for music licensing, talent licensing, image, and product licensing.
Affordable Legal Advice Helps Avoid Litigation

Starting your business relationship off on the right foot can save you substantial dollars later, should problems develop. A solid, thorough, and legally binding contract is your best protection in court. That’s why it’s critically important to consult a knowledgeable advertising business attorney early in the process, before problems have a chance to develop. The Advertising, Marketing & Promotions group at Olshan offers marketing contract clients prompt, responsive, and cost-effective legal help with an option of an hourly rate or a flat fee for many services.

We represent a broad range of clients in advertising, marketing, promotions, and interactive media industries in New York and New Jersey, and throughout the United States and Canada.

Put our experience to work for you. Contact one of our marketing contracts lawyers below:

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