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Andrew Freedman Quoted in Agenda Week on Executive Pay as a Concern to Shareholder Activists

September 14, 2021

Olshan Partner and Co-Chair of the firm’s Shareholder Activism Group Andrew Freedman was recently quoted in Agenda Week (subscription required) regarding executive pay gaining momentum as a concern among activist investors. As the number of activist investors has increased, there has also been an increase in the number of letters sent to company boards in regard to CEOs being overpaid or not being paid enough, and suggestions that pay is not in line with the interests of shareholders. Mr. Freedman wrote in an email, “Where you have a struggling company, it’s only natural that an activist investor is going to put executive compensation under a microscope to ensure that senior management is incentivized in a way that is fully aligned with shareholder value creation.” Andrew also noted that, “If the C-Suite is being handsomely compensated while the share price and operational performance languishes, then something is clearly amiss within the compensation structure.”


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