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Olshan Partners Named in List of Top Activist Attorneys

May 31, 2022

Steve Wolosky and Andrew Freedman, Co-Chairs of the firm’s Shareholder Activism practice, and Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman, a partner in the firm’s Shareholder Activism practice and Head of the firm’s ESG Activist Investing division, were named 3 of the top-13 attorneys in the shareholder activism space, according to Business Insider (subscription required). In the article, Andy noted a turning point in the activist space following Starboard’s historic victory at Darden stating, "there was an inflection point in the perception of activist investors, and the role they play in the corporate governance of public companies." In addition, Business Insider distinguished the firm’s Shareholder Activism practice as one of the go-tos for activist investors looking to affect change at public companies. As part of the list, Olshan is the only firm highlighted with three partners, including Elizabeth who represents the only female partner chosen by Business Insider. In the article, Elizabeth noted, "after the financial crisis, you started seeing greater scrutiny on the decisions of management and the board … The idea is that if you could get a different perspective, get the shareholder perspective, you could maximize shareholder value." Together, with the more than 30 other attorneys on the Shareholder Activism Team, Olshan provides unparalleled support to activist investors.

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