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Andrew Freedman Quoted in The Deal on How Activists Are Responding to COVID-19 Uncertainty

March 23, 2020

Co-Head of Olshan’s Shareholder Activism Practice Andrew Freedman was quoted in The Deal (subscription required) regarding the current effects that the coronavirus is having on activist’s activity given the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Andrew gave some insight on how activist funds may be affected in the long run and said, “Each activist fund is situated differently, some may have been long-only, unhedged and they are going to be in some trouble. If funds have the right structures in place vis-à-vis their capital structure, then this is the time to jump in and increase those stakes and we are seeing that.” He also added that by the market being at a low point that this would bring poorly governed companies into the spotlight.  However, there will always be activity even during a situation like this.  He finished by adding that, “Activist investors don’t just stand still in times of market volatility and uncertainty, they are constantly seeking out opportunities.”


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