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Activist Insight and Olshan Reveal Latest Shareholder Activism Trends in 2018 Half-Year Review

July 10, 2018

Activist Insight, publisher of Activist Insight Monthly, issued its Half-Year Review 2018, in association with Olshan’s Shareholder Activism & Engagement Practice Group. The review highlights major trends in shareholder activism, reveals statistics on activist campaigns during the 2018 proxy season and features interviews with key players in the shareholder activism space. Steve Wolosky and Andrew Freedman contributed expert analysis to the review in both a foreword and interview with Activist Insight’s Josh Black. Their foreword discusses the escalation in 2018 of settlements between target companies and activists, developments concerning the unilateral use of universal ballots in proxy contests, and the New York State Supreme Court decision enjoining Xerox from enforcing its original nomination deadline. In the interview, they discuss the proliferation of withhold campaigns in 2018, various entrenchment devices deployed by target companies, and the increase in activists’ concern for ESG matters. To date in 2018, Olshan has already delivered 48 nomination letters, negotiated 36 settlements, and helped clients seat over 70 new directors at public companies. To read the Half-Year Review, please click here.

2018 Half Year Review With Olshan

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