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Stephen Ferszt Quoted in Law360 on Federal Benefits Policies in 2021

July 13, 2021

Olshan Employee Benefits partner Stephen Ferszt was quoted in a Law360 article regarding how new federal policies on retirement plans' cybersecurity and socially conscious investing practices have altered the employee benefits world so far in 2021. The article, “The Law360 Guide To Federal Benefits Policy In 2021,” offers a guide for benefits policy changes that have happened so far during this year, and a preview of what may occur down the line. When asked about the Securing a Strong Retirement Act [SECURE Act 2.0], Mr. Ferszt stated his skepticism about how the bill will accomplish its goal of boosting Americans’ retirement savings. Mr. Ferszt stated that, “there’s a conscious effort to change various kinds of benefits, but I’m not sure if it’s the most efficient or the smartest… A lot of this legislation is giving people more opportunities to save for retirement: expanding auto-enrollment, increasing contribution amounts. But the one piece they don’t take into account is some of the folks who are now eligible don’t have enough disposable income to save.”


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