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Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman and Ryan Nebel Featured Speakers on Insightia Podcast Discussing The Activist Investing Half-Year Review 2022

July 21, 2022

Olshan Shareholder Activist partners Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman, who heads the firm’s ESG Activist Investing, and Ryan Nebel  discuss The Activist Investing Half-Year Review 2022 as featured speakers on episode 94 of Insightia’s “Beyond the Boardroom” podcast entitled “Why Was the S of ESG Prominent This Season?”  One trend they explore is the rise in prominence of social issues this proxy season, after a 2021 season dominated by environmental issues.  Elizabeth predicts that both social and environmental issues will be big next year, particularly relating to human capital and sustainability.  Elizabeth and Ryan also discuss the growth of “celebrity activism”,  reasons to be concerned about the proposed shortening of the window for 13D filings, and reasons to be excited about the universal proxy card becoming mandatory in September.  Elizabeth and Ryan also share accounts of the most egregious entrenchment maneuvers by companies they have encountered so far this year. Listen to the entire episode on iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube.

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