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Activist Client Quinpario Partners Forms Investor Group with 10.1% Stake in Zoltek Companies, Inc. and Seeks to Replace Board of Directors

March 5, 2013

St. Louis-Post Dispatch and other media outlets are reporting on activist client Quinpario Partners’ recent announcement that it has formed an investor group that collectively owns a 10.1% stake in Zoltek Companies, Inc., a maker of high-performance carbon fibers used in wind turbines, and is seeking to remove and replace Zoltek’s entire Board of Directors. Quinpario sent a letter to Zoltek’s Chairman & CEO, Zsolt Rumy, stating that Zoltek has yet to realize the full potential consistent with its strong technical capabilities. Quinpario also filed an Investor Presentation that details Zoltek's commercial and financial underperformance and highlights the opportunities that exist to unlock significant shareholder value. Steve Wolosky and Andrew M. Freedman represent the Quinpario Group in connection with its activist investment at Zoltek.

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