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Law360 Story on 2014 Proxy Season Recognizes Olshan as Premier Activist Practice

March 17, 2014

In an article about the robust 2014 proxy outlook, Law360 recognized Olshan’s activist practice as “one of the premier shareholder activism practices,” quoting Partner Andrew Freedman. Already this year, since 2013 proved activism to be a lucrative endeavor, more and more firms have been willing to launch activist campaigns, and Olshan attorneys have already matched the number of board nominations set forth by clients in all of 2013. Freedman notes, "That's sort of the telltale sign that this year is going to even surpass last year's numbers in terms of the volume of activist campaigns.” The article goes on to discuss the expected continuation of activist involvement in the real estate, financial services and retail sectors, as well as with big companies. Freedman also notes that the field will see increased involvement: “As we expected, there's more than one activist surfacing in a number of public companies and what we're seeing also are groups being formed where it makes sense. That's one of the natural manifestations of the sheer number of activists increasing in the space, because activism is becoming solidified as its own asset class."


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