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Law360 Quotes Of Counsel Jonathan Ezor on Big Data Challenges

February 11, 2014

In the wake of OfficeMax’s and Bank of America’s recent mishandling of consumer data, Law360 published an article about the pitfalls of big data. In the article, Olshan’s Of Counsel Jonathan Ezor advises “Companies should not overly rely on the intelligence of the tools they use. If companies let these tools control their interactions with customers without anyone doing a check, then it can result in a situation that is embarrassing or even worse.” The article goes on to reference the White House’s recent review of big data practices. Ezor explains, “The challenge here is whether more law will better protect consumers from abuse and misuse. The White House review provides a way of bringing the key players to the table in a nonadversarial way to gather information about what's happening and if people are unnecessarily worried about the technology.” Ezor also warns companies to be wary of putting too much faith in technical means of “anonymizing” data, because the information can be easily recovered.

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