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Several Media Sources Cover Olshan's Victory for Crescendo

May 1, 2008

Our Litigation Group won a significant victory on behalf of Olshan client, Crescendo Partners, a hedge fund. After Crescendo, an investor in Charming Shoppes, Inc., announced that it would run a slate of directors for Charming's Board, the company brought suit against Crescendo in federal court in Philadelphia, seeking to block Crescendo. After an expedited discovery schedule and a preliminary injunction hearing covering a wide range of complex securities and antitrust law issues, our lawyers persuaded the court to reject the company's claims in all respects. The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post, among other media sources, covered the case. The team handling this litigation includes Thomas J. Fleming, Jeffrey A. Udell, and Joshua S. Androphy. Steve Wolosky was the lead corporate attorney assisted by Andrew M. Freedman. Michael P. Regan and Peter M. Sartorius assisted the team.

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