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Globalaw Webinar Series: Cross-Border/Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations and Enforcement Challenges and Best Practices

February 8, 2022
Virtual Panel/Webinar

On February 8, 2022, Olshan Litigation partner Robert Appleton will be a panelist for the Globalaw Webinar Series entitled “Cross-Border and Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations and Enforcement Challenges and Best Practices.” This panel discussion will address what should be considered when facing cross jurisdictional investigations involving multiple national authorities, including such strategies as contemplating cooperation or self-reporting to a government entity, how to address potential and actual whistleblowers, potential claimants and adverse witnesses, and the challenges conducting cross border internal investigations. The panel will also discuss case studies regarding the reporting and assessment of initial complaints or notices from law enforcement or regulatory authorities of an investigation, the tools used to conduct an investigation, and the final reporting at the conclusion of an investigation. Registration for the upcoming webinar can be viewed here.


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