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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Summer Program

How many summer associates do you expect to hire?

We hired three summer associates in 2021.  We have hired four students to be summer associates in 2022 from the class of 2023.

What is an associate mentor's responsibility?

Your mentors will be a valuable resource from whom you can learn about life at Olshan. They will offer guidance and support, and assist with introducing you to firm attorneys and staff, both on a professional and social basis. Your mentors will maintain frequent contact with you and help with any issues that may develop during the summer. You should feel free to contact your advisors if you are experiencing a problem or need assistance in any way.

From what department will I receive assignments?

You will receive both transactional and litigation assignments during the course of the summer. While a number of your assignments may be short, we will likely add you to a team handling a major transaction or litigation matter that you will be able to follow throughout the summer.

Who will give me my assignments?

An assigning attorney will meet with you to discuss and explain each assignment. Through this direct contact we hope to ensure that you fully understand the requirements of the assignment. For everyone's benefit, we have asked our attorneys to be very clear with you about deadlines and the maximum number of hours he or she expects the assignment will require, keeping in mind that you may need more time to complete a project than an experienced associate. We encourage you to ask lots of questions and to go back to the assigning attorney, if necessary.

How will I be informed about the quality of my work product?

The assigning attorney will complete an evaluation form and orally discuss your work product with you after each assignment. Based on these evaluations, you will receive a formal evaluation halfway through and at the end of the summer from two of the partners in charge of the summer program. The primary focus of this meeting will be to inform you of your performance with regard to the projects you have completed and to let you know how and where you should focus your energies for the remainder of the summer. Any feedback you can provide as to the quality of your summer experience will add to our review process.

Are there any social activities?

There are various professional and social events planned for the summer associates throughout the summer. Your advisors, and other attorneys as well, will also take you to lunch from time to time and ensure that you get to meet the firm attorneys and staff.

Will I get a fulltime offer?

Offers are made at the end of the summer by the Recruiting Committee. Our Summer Associates are evaluated independently, using the same criteria applied to all our associates

What will be my compensation?

Salaries and benefits for associates and summer associates are fully competitive with other leading New York law firms. All summer associates will be paid at a rate of $3,461.53 per week, which is based on an annual compensation of $190,000.

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