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Latest News & Developments in Commercial Real Estate Law

Since 2008, we have used our real estate law blog as a way to keep readers informed about the latest developments and news within commercial real estate law. Some of the topics we regularly address include court decisions on disputed commercial real estate transactions, limited liability company law and high-end residential real estate transactions. In addition to informing readers, we make it a priority to provide an in-depth analysis of the topics we discuss.

Although we put a lot of effort into ensuring that our real estate law blog is a consistent source of useful information, we want it be more than just a broadcast medium. That's why we encourage all of our readers to share their thoughts and opinions in the comments section. We've also designed our blog posts to be easily shareable through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, making it easy to start a discussion on one of those social media platforms.

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Update on Using Delaware LLC's vs. NY LLC's

Below is the latest update of my original Client Alert comparing the Delaware and New York laws governing LLCs. This update discusses the more flexible protocols in Delaware for the effective date of merger filings. Read More ›

NYREJ Publishes Article by Thomas Kearns on Protecting Co-Investors in LLC Agreements

New York Real Estate Journal published an article authored by Olshan Real Estate partner Thomas Kearns entitled “LLC Agreement Issues for Co-Investors.” Read More ›

NYREJ Publishes Article by Thomas Kearns on Using LLCs for Succession Planning

New York Real Estate Journal published an article authored by Olshan Real Estate partner Thomas Kearns entitled “Using LLCs for Succession Planning.” Read More ›

LLC Agreement Questions – Multiple-Member LLCs

We are regularly requested by investor groups to highlight issues covered by a limited liability company agreement for a typical real estate development company with several equal partners.  The following is the result of that effort. Read More ›

Basics of Default Taxation of LLCs

Recent blog post provides short checklist of LLC tax issues. Read More ›

Rating Agency Perspective on LLC Law

Moody’s hits a borrower with a “credit negative” if the borrower is organized in a state other than Delaware. Read More ›

Delaware Chancery Court Holds LLC Member Waived Right to Judicial Dissolution Under LLC Act Section 18-802

Vice Chancellor Glasscock, in Huatuco v. Satellite Healthcare, determines that a reference to the rights of the members being solely determined by the LLC Agreement impliedly waives the right of a member to seek judicial dissolution. Read More ›

Top 5 Legal Issues in LLC Agreements for Crowdfunders

As real estate crowdfunding efforts start, attention will no doubt be paid to the terms of the LLC agreement governing each investment. This article, first published in the November 26th issue of New York Real Estate Journal, highlights a few key issues and notes that the crowdfunding websites should consider imposing standards.  Read More ›

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