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Advertising Law Blog

The Advertising Law Blog provides commentary and news on developing legal issues in advertising, promotional marketing, Internet, and privacy law. This blog is sponsored by the Advertising, Marketing & Promotions group at Olshan. The practice is geared to servicing the needs of the advertising, promotional marketing, and digital industries with a commitment to providing personal, efficient and effective legal service.

Extortion Lawsuit Against Yelp Dismissed By Ninth Circuit

The Ninth Circuit’s ruling allows selective posting and arranging of content but does not preclude future lawsuits. Read More ›

Recent Call to Update TCPA Language Could Curtail TCPA Litigation

A current FCC review could significantly reduce TCPA litigation. Read More ›

NAD Recommends That Chobani Discontinue “Farmland” Commercial

Yoplait's challenge to Chobani's television and online advertising reminds that claims which expressly or implicitly disparage a competing product must be accurate and narrowly drawn. Read More ›

Facebook Says No More “Like-Gated” Promotions

This Facebook change is just another reminder that brands need to be aware of the traditional legal rules governing promotional marketing, as well as the social media terms and policies. Read More ›

Olshan’s Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Group Continues as Trusted Source of TCPA Information

Scott Shaffer wrote an article for Bloomberg publications and was quoted in Law360 on the effects of the record-setting TCPA settlement for Capital One. Read More ›

FTC Revises COPPA Compliance FAQs Focusing on Apps

In response to its dispute with Amazon, the FTC has revised some of its FAQs with regard to parental consent. Read More ›

FTC Alleges Amazon Unlawfully Billed for Unauthorized In-App Charges

The FTC has filed a complaint against, Inc. alleging the company has billed parents and other account holders for millions of dollars in unauthorized in-app charges incurred by children. Read More ›

FTC Seeks Comments on Hobby Protection Act Regulations

Comments the Hobby Protection Act are due to the FTC by September 22, 2014. Read More ›

Five Ways Lawyers Can Better Leverage Social Media

Networking. Personal involvement. Consistency. Common sense. Making it about the people. Read More ›

Interesting Twist to New Jersey’s Skill Contest Legislation

New Jersey's new legislation on residents' eligibility to participate in skill contests still leaves room for confusion. Read More ›