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Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman Featured on Boardroom Alpha Podcast on ESG, Diversity & Activism

October 27, 2021

On Tuesday, October 19 2021, Olshan Partner Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman was featured on the Boardroom Alpha Podcast entitled “ESG, Diversity & Activism with Olshan’s Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman.” Decisive topics covered in this podcast were diversity mandates for public company boards, racial equity audits, future of disclosure at the SEC, and trends in activism. When asked if racial equity audits will become more widely supported by shareholders, Ms. Gonzalez-Sussman mentioned that, “It’s starting to pick up because these things can have a positive or negative effect depending on what your audit reveals. Do you have areas to improve? Is it going to improve your brand? These are all things that are necessary for any company in this day and age to be thinking about.” Ms. Gonzalez-Sussman also went on to add, “I do think that [Racial equity audits] will become more prevalent this proxy season… I think that we are going to see more and more as they become more highlighted by our firm and others.” Listen to the entire podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or The Street.

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