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Olshan Pro Bono Client Receives Absolute Pardon

October 30, 2015

Olshan Corporate Associate Marisa Lusthaus successfully petitioned the Connecticut Pardons Board to grant an absolute pardon to her Olshan client, a Vietnam era veteran referred to the Firm by the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center (CVLC), a non-profit organization serving the legal needs of veterans. Lusthaus argued to the Pardons Board that post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism and homelessness were factors that led to the client’s decades-old trespassing conviction and that notwithstanding the client’s completion of an alcohol rehabilitation program and willingness to work, he was denied profitable jobs due to the everlasting effects of his prior convictions, revealed through background checks.  Olshan’s arguments carried the day and persuaded the Pardons Board to award the client a full pardon.  Litigation Partner Jeffrey Udell is a director of the non-profit CVLC.


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