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Feinberg Quoted in Luxury Daily on Chinese Counterfeit Goods

August 6, 2015

Olshan partner Martin Feinberg was extensively quoted in an article by Luxury Daily about luxury brands and retailers seeking to address the problem of counterfeit goods being manufactured in China. Lenient trademark laws and vast production capabilities make China an ideal country  for counterfeiters looking to copy luxury items to then sell at a much cheaper price. Marty says that “While the counterfeit situation is still a massive problem, China has taken steps to move in the right direction,” noting the recent lawsuits as actions against counterfeiters. “They are receiving pressure from the U.S. and other countries around the world to tighten up their practices, because no one wants to do business with them if they can’t protect the goods that come out of their country,” Marty adds that “Developing a world-wide brand enforcement strategy is the ultimate key, and it is important to do it early rather than late,” highlighting the importance for brands to take proactive rather than reactive actions against counterfeiters.


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