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Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman Quoted in Business Insider on ESG Activism

March 10, 2022

Olshan Partner and Head of ESG Activist Investing Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman was recently quoted in a Business Insider article entitled “The age of the do-gooder activist investor is here” (subscription required) highlighting the momentum behind environmental and social activism. The article discusses activist investors using environmental and social concerns in their campaigns far more frequently, underscoring demands from shareholders for greater corporate transparency on matters companies did not historically have to share publicly. When discussing the climate crisis, #MeToo movement, and racial-justice crises, Elizabeth stated, “If you’re not ahead of the game on environmental issues, sustainability issues, climate-change issues, and you’re in an industry that’s more vulnerable than not – although now we’re seeing every industry is vulnerable – you’re behind. It’s going to impact financials… That’s what activists focus on.” 

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