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We Need to Talk About ESG

July 2, 2021
Activist Insight Podcast

Olshan Partner Elizabeth Gonzalez-Sussman was a featured speaker on episode 66 of the Activist Insight Podcast We Need to Talk About ESG. Topics that were covered in the episode were ESG focused activist campaigns. When asked if environmental and social objectives will become as integral to activist situations as governance for long established activists funds, Ms. Gonzalez-Sussman commented that, “These types of objectives are only going to become more and more important in activism across the board." Ms. Gonzalez-Sussman noted that, “We are now seeing that environmental and social issues are having an impact on a company’s bottom line... and [if a company isn't responding proactively to these issues], they are going to become focal points of an activist campaign.”

Listen to the entire episode on iTunes, YouTube, or TuneIn.

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