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Latest News & Developments in Commercial Real Estate Law

Since 2008, we have used our real estate law blog as a way to keep readers informed about the latest developments and news within commercial real estate law. Some of the topics we regularly address include court decisions on disputed commercial real estate transactions, limited liability company law and high-end residential real estate transactions. In addition to informing readers, we make it a priority to provide an in-depth analysis of the topics we discuss.

Although we put a lot of effort into ensuring that our real estate law blog is a consistent source of useful information, we want it be more than just a broadcast medium. That's why we encourage all of our readers to share their thoughts and opinions in the comments section. We've also designed our blog posts to be easily shareable through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, making it easy to start a discussion on one of those social media platforms.

If you want to ensure that you never miss a new post from our real estate blog, you can use the RSS or email option on the left to sign up for updates whenever a new post is published. You may also want to follow Tom on Twitter @TDKearns where he tweets on commercial real estate and business law topics.

Showing 21 posts from 2013.

Kearns to Speak at PLI’s Commercial Real Estate Financing 2014 Seminar

On February 13, 2014, Thomas Kearns will speak at the Practising Law Institute's annual seminar, Commercial Real Estate Financing 2014. Read More ›

Delaware LLC Statute Amendment Regarding Default Fiduciary Duty

The judicial kerfuffle about default fiduciary duties in Delaware LLC’s was resolved by the Delaware legislature in favor of a default duty. Read More ›

New Garage Rules Legalize De Facto Public Garages

Amendments to NYC’s Zoning Resolution legalize parking garages in Manhattan which have long been open to the public in technical violation of zoning rules. Read More ›

My Article on Commercial Condos in New York Real Estate Journal

The following article, “Commercial Condos are Being Used More Frequently,” was first published in the September 24th issue of New York Real Estate Journal. Read More ›

What is meant by “Preferred Equity” in Real Estate Ventures?

The term “preferred equity” can be confusing in the context of investments in real estate ventures. Read More ›

Blog Postings Do Not Create Binding Partnership in Turner v. Temptu

A continually updated blog containing certain terms of a proposed partnership did not constitute a binding written agreement and was not evidence of a binding oral agreement where certain material terms were “to be determined” and there was no written or oral agreement on how losses were to be funded. Read More ›

Thoughtful Article on Status of Delaware Good Faith and Fair Dealing Claims in Alternative Entries

One commentator’s analysis of the current Delaware law on the unwaiveable obligations of good faith and fair dealing in LCC’s and other alternative entities. Read More ›

Crowdfunding Rules Lead to New Attorney General Statement on Investing in Condo Projects Prior to Offering Plan

The following article, “Today's Hot Condo Market - If You Build - I Will Buy” was first published in the July 30th issue of New York Real Estate Journal.
Read More ›

The Evolving Standards on Government Takings in Context of Land Use Approvals

The Supreme Court’s Nollan/Dolan juris prudence continues to evolve in the latest decision in the area:  Koontz v. St. JohnsRiver Water Management District Read More ›

What does “Control” mean in 50/50 LLCs?

What are the minimum market protections for LLC agreements when a 50% member of a proposed LLC agrees that the other member may “control” the proposed new commercial real estate venture? Read More ›

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