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The Advertising Law Blog provides commentary and news on developing legal issues in advertising, promotional marketing, Internet, and privacy law. This blog is sponsored by the Advertising, Marketing & Promotions group at Olshan. The practice is geared to servicing the needs of the advertising, promotional marketing, and digital industries with a commitment to providing personal, efficient and effective legal service.

Showing 48 posts from 2006.

Invitation: Upcoming Conference on E-mail Law and Self-Regulation

When Spam Isn't Spam: An Unfiltered Look at Self-Regulation and the Law Behind E-mail Read More ›

Chase/Trilegiant Settlement Sets New Standards

Sixteen state attorneys general, led by California, jointly announced $14.5 million dollar settlement agreements on December 12, 2006 with Chase Bank and Trilegiant Corp. concerning their direct mail practices. Read More ›

Living in a Virtual World

Second Life was clearly generating the most buzz at the 28th Annual Promotion Marketing Law Conference in Chicago on December 12th. Second Life http:/ is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), where players create avatars that interact with each other in a large virtual world. Read More ›

Lustigman to Discuss Direct Marketing Law Development at PMA Law Conference

Andrew Lustigman will be leading a roundtable discussion on Direct Marketing Law at the Promotion Marketing Association Annual Law Conference on December 11, 2006 in Chicago. Read More ›

Post-Conference Report from Copenhagen and Upcoming Conference on E-mail and Spam

I write this from the departure gate at Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen, from which I am returning after presenting my paper "Busting Blocks: Appropriate Legal Remedies For Wrongful Inclusion In Spam Filters Under U.S. Law" at the International Conference on Business, Law and Technology. Read More ›

The Latest in the Debate About Spam Block Lists and False Positives

In May, this blog spoke about the problem of false positives being flagged as spam by third-party block lists, and how this could have a serious impact on both permission-based marketing and non-marketing e-mail messages. Read More ›

Rebate Laws Generate Confusion

As the holiday shopping season kicks into full gear, many businesses seek to offer consumers rebates on the product's purchase price. Read More ›

Wall Street Seeks To Learn From and Influence FTC Rulemaking

I am amazed by a front-business page New York Times story - Why Short Sellers Want to Crash The Tupperware Party -- reporting that investors are short selling positions in companies such as Avon Products, Herbalife, and Pre-Paid Legal because of pending Federal Trade Commission rulemaking on business opportunity programs. Wall Street is not only seeking to read tea leaves, but some investors are going so far as to try to influence the promulgation of the regulation in order to advance the value of their short positions. Read More ›

Jane Pauley Sues Over Ad Supplement In NYT

Jane Pauley, the television news anchor has sued The New York Times and DeWitt Publishing, alleging she was misled to believe she was being interviewed for an article on mental health when she actually was being featured in a special advertising supplement. Read More ›

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